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We have numerous break packages depending on your rage needs.

50% deposit required for all events

*The below prices are estimates depending on party size*

Wreck It Ralph
10 Items

Small Party : < 10 People

Medium Party : 10-20 People

Large Party: 20-30 People

15 Items
2 Small Electronics/Breakables

Small Party : < 10 People

Medium Party : 10-20 People

Large Party : 20-30 People

Total Collision
20 Items
4 Small Electronics/Breakables
1 Bashable

Small Party : < 10 People

Medium Party : 10-20 People

Large Party : 20-30 People


Go and have the paint fight that would have gotten you sent home from art class in school! This is a room designed for just that! 
Our team arrives with all the supplies, instructions, and fun at your office, home, or another event venue! Plan for an hour of messy fun for kids and adults!

Fling paint at each other or a canvas, and take home a messy masterpiece! Or just capture the photos of the fun! You can splatter on a date, for a party, or just for fun! 

You may wear a provided poncho or what you don't mind painting in. It's washable.

Splatter Party

Mon - Thurs Rates: 12 guests

Fri - Sun Rates: 12 Guests

90 min of Splat'n fun!

$25 Each Additional Guest

Trash the Dress

Bring yourself and 5 besties!

Enjoy your Trash the Dress session, destressing from the planning, or just getting less stressed, uptight photos!

90 min. of Splat'n fun!


Gender Reveal
Smash'n & Splat'n Party

Includes Mommy to be + 10 guests
We will fill bottles with pink or blue and let you smash until the surprise is revealed!

You and your spouse will also spray each other with pre-filled pink or blue cans for alittle splat'n fun!


Combo Packages:

Want to mix it up and have a little Smash'n and Splat'n fun? Make a day of it and Contact our team to ask about how we can mix and match the perfect experience for you and your friends. 

Combo experiences are perfect for:

  • Wedding Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • High School Reunions